Don't Stop The Music

On the street, in the park on the floor anywhere you areSomething fresh, something wild, take it up like a shooting starCause I never found anyone like youAnd you are the beat in my heartCome on take my higher Don’t stop the musicWe can make beautiful musicDon’t fight the feelingNow that we’re falling in love […]


As I was walking down apath in the woods one day Icame across a vision that caught my eye There was a lady standingright there beside a well, and I heard her whisperwhat you wish for you can have Then the vision went awayI thought that I had lost herThe girl I had been waiting […]

Dance The Night Away

One kiss, intrigueYou’re all alone with meSo much, delightI want to be with you tonightChampagne, caviarOne moon under the starsOne look, I’m sure I only wanted to be with you Girl I knewWhen you walked into the roomThere was nothing I could sayYou took my breath awaySo much loveSo much passion in the airWhen I […]

It May Be The Water

I look at all the things I put you throughI’ve often wondered how it bothered youI know how close I came to losing youBut we managed to stay aliveI guess only the strong surviveI just gotta tell you baby Sometimes love can be so cruelSometimes we learn ’bout being a foolI don’t know why, girl, […]

Don’t You Ever Go Away

Hey, can you tell my heart is aching You, It’s only you that’s on my mindI, I can not fight this feelingNow, now I know why love is blind From the top of my world to the bottom of my heartJust the way that you are, you’re the one my shining starEverything that you do, […]