I just want to tell you all the things you areAnd all the things you mean to meYou’ve been with me foreverThrough the changes in my lifeThrough all the tears and laughter When I find myself believing there’s no place to goWhen I feel the loneliness inside my heart You’re the answer to my prayersAnd […]

Here Is My Heart

Here is my heart you can take it There’s a time in your life for believingThat impossible dream in your heartWhen you find in one magical momentThe one you search for from the startOn a night like tonight when you’re holding meI can see in your eyes it’s you I’ve dreamed of Here is my […]

How Long

Every time I see you and I look into your eyesThere’s a feeling that I getAnd it’s way down deep inside, girlI’ve been trying to hold on, but you say that you’re not sureI just hope you realize what my heart is going through How long, must this feeling go onHow long, must I stand […]

Piece Of My Heart

How could this happen, I don’t understandFalling in love was just not in my planBut I want you to know,You just got a piece of my heart I’ve been through the changesI’ve walked through the painI’ve told myself I would never do this againBut I want you to know,You just got a piece of my […]

Tender Heart

Every night and every day my heart feels the painI wake up to the thought of you and I call your nameNo one ever made me feel the way you doNothing in this world I wouldn’t do for youBut now I’ve got to let go We don’t stand a chanceIn this wild romance, my tender […]