Bad Seed

Yeah, yeahYeah, yeahOh yeah YeahYeah, yeah Come cleanFess upTell allSpill gut I’m the badstand revealedShow the cardBring it on, break the seal (Ladies and gentleman Step right up and see the man who bought the truth) Swing the noose againPierce the apple skinA bit more than you needNow you’re choking on a bad seedOn a […]

Prince Charming

It’s a black cloud over head, that’s meAnd the poison ivy chokes the tree, again it’s meI’m the filthy one on Bourbon Street, you walk on byI’m the little boy that pushes hard and makes it cry There’s a dirty needle in your child, haha, stick meEmpty bottles still in hand, still dead, still meI’m […]


Suppose I say, I’m never satisfiedSuppose I say, you cut some rootTo make the tree survive Just let me kill you for a whileJust let me kill you for a smileJust let me kill you onceI’m oh so born to die Oh, I hungerI hungerI eat Born into attitudeAsleep at the wheelThrow all your bullets […]

Better Than You

I look at you, then you meHungry and thirsty I waitHolding the lion shareHolding the keyHolding me back ’cause I’m striving to be Better than you(Better than you)Better than you (Better than you) Lock homes I push, and I striveSomehow I feel more aliveBury the name for itBury the seedBury me deep when there’s no […]


Gimme fuelGimme fireGimme that which I desireOh YeaTurn on, I see redAdrenaline crash and crack my headNitro junkie, paint me deadAnd I see red Running across through black and whiteWar horseWar headFuck ’em, manWhite knuckles tightThrough black and white Oh, I burnFuel is pumping enginesBurning hardLoose and clean Oh, and I burnTurning my directionQuench my […]