Brooklyn’s Finest (feat. Notorious B.I.G.)

[Pain In Da Ass] [*gunshots*] OKAY, I’M RELOADED!!! You motherfuckers, think you big time? Fuckin with Jay-Z, you gon’ die, big time!Here come the "Pain"! [*gunshots*] [Jay-Z]Jigga… (Jigga), Bigga… (Bigga)Nigga, how you figure… (how you figure)Yeah, yeah, yeah, aiyyo Peep the style and the way the cops sweat us (uh-huh)The number one question is can […]

Bring It On (feat. Big Jaz, Sauce Money)

[Sauce Money]Aiyyo Jay word up; these motherfuckersFuckin talkin that comeback shit like they cookin crackShit I ain’t frontin all I want my pockets green like slum changeYaknahmsayin? Front the roll we roll back like rubbers motherfuckerFor real; with no trace of AIDSWe keep our pockets fully blown, Roc-A-Fella click nigga Aiyyo we pattin down pussy […]

Can’t Knock the Hustle (feat. Mary J. Blige)

I’m makin short term goals,whonder whether foesjust put away the leathers and put ice on the goldchilly with enough bail money to free a big willyhigh stakes, i got more at stake than phillyshoppin sprees, copin three, duece fever i guess its fully loaded,ah yes,bouncin in the lex luger, tires smoke like buddha50 g’s to […]

Can I Live II

ft. Memphis Bleek[Jay-Z]Geyeah, y’all nigaas finished yoIs y’all niggas finishedGot your little radio play your little BDS, huhYou finished nigga, huh huh, y’all finishedCan I live, huhCan I live, Joe your bein’ stingy with the music bin yo [Jay-Z]Yo, yo…yo, I blacks out, I pulls the mack outScream "Whats that about," then I clap outI […]

Can I Live

Yeah, hah, yeah Roc-A-FellaWe invite you to, somethin epic y’all know?Well we hustle out of a sense of, hopelessnessSort of a desperationThrough that desperation, we ‘come addictedSorta like the fiends we accustomed to servinBut we feel we have nothin to loseso we offer you, well, we offer our lives, rightWhat do you bring to the […]