What’s the matter with your lifeDid someone come and shoot your with wifeJust as you plannedWill you live or will you dieAre you that butterflyThat never landsSet aside these vacant rulesBreak them now and don’t get fooled again SorryHow many times must I sayLife is not a cake to seperateWhat do I have to doTo […]

Me And My Big Ideas

Me and my big ideasWon’t wash away your tearsNo one else seems to mindThat I’m not that kind Go get a volunteerWe’ll pay him well my dearHe will see inside your mindBecause he is that kind It’s a southern kind of heatThe shadows crack and start to creepConversation drag its feetI wish we’d both been […]


It seems we caused a forest fireWith just a flicker of a flameAnd now I set alight to everythingNow all I do is cause you pain I won’t keep secrets aliveI’ll send them all out to spaceWithout the will to surviveThey won’t be going no place Oh my angelWoman child I used to think the […]

God's Mistake

Have a friend, calls me upSays hello, then hangs upHe must have read my mindThese are the days of a diffrent paradigmMaybe once, even twiceHe said " God does not play dice "Yet if he’s everywhereHe’s in casinos with aces to spare Oh, Love is God’s mistakeOh, Love is God’s mistake Ours is not to […]

I Choose You

I knew all of this was comingAin’t that oddSome things come out of nothingAs with GodNot my intention to amuseOr confuse I’ve been down to the kitchenPlayed my partMapped out all all contradictionsOf the heartThen someone came and stole my shoesA situation I tried to diffuse Long way back clouds were formingIf by choiceSome things […]