Only The Loot Can Make Me Happy

RocklandIn my lifeUhh, Track MastersYou’re all I need in my lifeMake moneyYou’re all I need in my lifeDuece, dueceYou’re all I need in my life [R]Uh huh, yo, yo, yo, yoI remember in the days Y’all niggas talking all that shit about keepin’ it realBut when it comes to this game I’mma play the fieldRockland […]

Ghetto Queen

Crucial Conflict come out and play, hey come onCrucial Conflict, Kelly and Rockland, collabo’ Funny faces is all I seeAt my place, you on top of mePlayin’ strip poker, sippin’ Cristi’I grip your shoulders, you sqeeze the sheetsI’m admirin’ your heart shaped bootyNothin’ in your oven, baby feed me nowWho’s is this, who’s is this, […]

Money Makes The World Go Round

[Nas]QBChitownMoney make the world go roundMoney make the world go round(What? Go money)Money makes the world go roundTM Yo, for those who live the way that I liveWe came a long wayFrom wiping coal outta eyelids, to rap’s hottestFake Gazelles to black PradasSelling nicks to trey bags, to making hits like Kidada Jones’ fatherOG’s would […]

I'm Your Angel

[Celine]No mountain’s too high for you to climbAll you have to do is have some climbing faith, oh yeahNo river’s too wide for you to make it acrossAll you have to do is believe it when you pray [R. Kelly]And then you will see the morning will comeAnd every day will be bright as the […]

Dancing With A Rich Man

EntreaAy, tantas cosas que quieroDecirte yo quiero Hacer por tiBut first we must dancce Private cotillion styleOne lady’s fantasy Trip to Milan tonight Exclusive shopping spreeMansions await, your scent That smells just like treasure Dining with me in suitesThat overlooks the shore [1] – As we move, then we touch, then we dip(Dancin’ with a […]