Hold On Be Strong

Hold on… [lighter flicks up]Yeah it’s gonna be alright, don’t trip baby [inhales]It’ll get better… [coughing] Ay do this Thug style main, Thug styleWhen this whole beat drop we just gon’ run it to em betIt’s all good, uhh I never had much, ran with a bad bunchLittle skinny kid sneakin weed in my bag […]

Open Fire

"Alright now, here we go" [Verse One: 2Pac] Tell me, how many real motherfuckers feel me? I smoke a bluntand freak the funk until these jealous motherfuckers kill meI’m out the gutter, pick a heroI’m 165 and staying high til I die, my competion’s zeroCause I could give a fuck about you, better duckOr I’ll […]

Nothing To Lose

[Verse 1] The only way to change me is maybe blow my brains outstuck in the middle of the game to get the pain outPray to my God everyday but he don’t listenthe poverty bothers me but mama’s working wonders in the kitchenListen I can hear her crying in the bedroompraying for money we never […]


Major! Hell motherfuckin yeahThis one goes out to my nigga Mike Coolin, hell yeahMama raised a hellrazor… born thugginHeartless and mean, muggin at sixteenOn the scene watchin fiends bugginKickin up dust with the older G’sSoakin up the game that was told to meI ain’t never touched a gat that I couldn’t shoot, I learnednot to […]

R U Still Down? (Remember Me)

R U Still Down [repeat 3X] [Verse One: 2Pac] Now up and at em it’s on, I was raised to be strongAnd Mama told me be a Thug since the day I was bornI came up, out the gutter never changed my styleGot for real about my papers, cause the game was wildAnd the fame […]