Hold On

Baby, I’m angry.Baby, I’m scared.We’re living in a dark time.And nobody cares.Baby, I’m tired.Life isn’t fair.You are the only one,who will always be there. Hold on, to me.Say you’ll never leave me.Tell me anything, you want.Hold on, baby.Say you’ll always love me.Promise that you will hold on. Baby, I’m sorry.I don’t mean to cry.But, I […]

Story Of My Life

Our love was volatile and weird.All I thought as I hopped the Grayhound was,"Get me the fuck outa here."I ran…I ran away from you.Packed my tears and all my fears.I had nothing better to do. Mommy,Mommy, I know you know the truth.I’m sorry that you’re heartbroken.Now, all I am is missing you.And, when I leftI […]


Suck my mouth.Suck my pain away.Helplessness,I am hard to stain.Potentially inappropriate… I am naked,before you.Look at me.You came for me.I pray to you.You are in me… You are my religion.You are my religion.I’m loving you.You’re loving me.You are my religion.You are my religion.I’m touching you.You’re touching me… Intoxicated with your breath.My eyes close,I am a […]

Regular Guy

Let me tell ya about the kinda guys that like me:They’re in jail.Either that, or they are slumming…or walking on the wild side.I guess you could say I’m just like Jody Watley,"Looking for a new love."I don’t think I’m asking for much in a boyfriend…Here’s what I want: I’m just looking fora four-eyes-really-square regular guy,just […]

I Love Myself Today

You left me like a broken dollIn pieces as I took the fallfor you, you dumb chump!You left me free-falling like space junkBurning up in the atmosphere of life Well I sound like a philosopherbut I’m a fool who’s off her rocker‘Cause I let you in my heart that one last time I’ve had enough, […]