Yeah …locked in the basementI’m so paranoid I’m all incased and I can’t escapeand when I look up, mothers looking downand when I wake up, mothers not around cause if you want you can haveeverything that I’ve gotcause if you wantyou can take it all away from meaway from me x 2 Nobodies perfect, but […]

Bring Me Down

Make nopromises to meyou slowly meltingwake upthen fall back asleepyoure quickly fadinghey manyou’ll have to wait your turni can see that you jonesintaste noflavors on my tonguethey’ve evaporatedyou’ve disintegrated why you gotta bring me downwhy you gotta bring mebring me down karmacomes around two timesso you better be goodwatch outfor all familiar signswhen your going […]

Piss It All Away

Emotionless I slip in to the blackand there’s no turning back noweveryone around me smoking crackthis tunnel is blindinghallucinating I’m debating lifebut it’s still moving forwardif I could just change the hands of time well I’d do it better just walk awayjust walk away just walk away fearless I have fell in to a trapand […]

Never Change

Someone’s always tellin’ me I’m no goodwell I don’t care what you saysomeone’s always givin’ me a hard timewell I live day to daysomeone’s always puting me in my placelike I don’t know where I amso I’ll just sit here in the cornerwithout anydirection Maybe it’s it’s all in my headI think that it’s something […]


Can I see your worldthrough your locketcounting the thoughts of forgottendrifting alone then the sorrowpassing the time or is it borrowed can I see your worldcan I see your worldcan I see your worldthrough your locketpainting her mindmakes her forgetplaces they’ve gone tobut paths not traveled yetlooking to the daywhen the heavens take her away […]