My Life

ft. TQ [TQ harmonizing at the start] [Juvenile]Who the fuck – nigga hittin shots in the truckHope I’m able to make this right turn, my Neon fuckedThe wodie that I’m with, bawlin up like a bitchinstead of tryin to retaliate by bustin his shitMy leg already fucked up, been playin it baldNow I gotta drive […]


ft. B.G., Big Tymers, Lil Wayne [Juvenile]Whoa-ohh-oh-ohh.. come down now rude bwoyLittle Weezy Wez, try and take over as the rude bwoy now I got a gold two thousand Jag, and customized Cadillac(I got some shit with 17’s on the front, and 20’s on the back)My mom in a mansion, and my dad in a […]

Get Your Hustle On

ft. Big Tymers Fa sho’ nigga, off topBelieve this playboy, fa sho’ nigga [Baby]I’m the #1 stunna, don’t flinch you bitchI cash in quick and go and flash my 6Twenty inch dub niggaz how you love that bitch?20 ki’s or hard blocks, we call them bricksI’m a Uptown survivor, niggaz stash the lickJust bought a […]

Momma Got Ass

Mannie Fresh: DAMN!!!!! She git it from her mamma (repeat 7x) Verse 1:(Juvenile)Oh, where she git her eyes from? (she git it from her mamma)But where she git her thighs from? (she git it from her mamma)Where she learn how ta cook from? (she git it from her mamma)Oh, where she git her looks from? […]

In Ya Ass

[Juvenile]Look I’m tryin to live right nowMake a better place for my kids right nowOr get out my face is how it is right nowAll I wanna have is my own shit right now..So much go through my head all dayThe game situation is be paid or playedI gotta eat the lottery is not for […]