Prince of Darkness

Intro: Give it here… uhhMic testing one twoRight about now I wanna have a little fun with thisand just talk a little bit of junk ya knowBe-because it’s OK, ya know, it’s OK to brag and boastfrom time to time, ain’t nothin wrong with thatSo I’m gonna have a little fun with itCheck the Prince […]

Ooh, Aah, Nah-Nah-Nah

Enquiring minds wanna know, did the champ retireSo here I am, boomin like an amplifierI clear my throat, then I float like a boatNote for note, what I wrote you can’t quote or even toteRaps are too heavy, sharp like a machetePass the microphone, cause Kane is all readyGrippin to play the part to prove […]

Groove With It

[Kane]Swing, you get up and dance and do your own thingCause I got the groove to make your eardrums ringand I bring this, to all the party people that demand mostFunky as Parliament, smooth as Luther VandrossI wouldn’t present myself to you as somethin that sound nervousYou want it to be live, so here it […]

Simple Disobedience

Looks like all your laws are broken, all your lines are downAnd all your officers are shook up babbling little clownsLooks like all your power’s gone, it’s sprayed upon the wallIn blood and spit, it spells out your inevitable fall And all the hungry outlaws have taken up a stanceSimple disobedienceYeah, all the hungry outlaws […]

Life And Death Of The Party

You walk into the room, everybody staresThe talking stops, there’s a silence thereThe room is yours, you own it nowYou’re in control and everybody down here knowsYou got a place in my heart, I don’t want you thereBut you come and you go, like a millionaireYou take a walk right across my soulYou’re in control […]