Standard Lines

Which of the bold faced lies will we use? I hope that you’re happy, you really deserve it, this will be the best for us both in the end. But your taste still lingers on my lips like I just placed them upon yours and I starve for you. But this new diet’s liquid and […]

Saints And Sailors

This is where I say I’ve had enough and no one should ever feel the way that I feel now. A walking open wound, a trophy display of bruises and I don’t believe that I’m getting any better. Waiting here with hopes the phone will ring and I’m thinking awful things and I’m pretty sure […]

Screaming Infidelities

I’m missing your bed I never sleep Avoiding the spots where we’d have to speak, And this bottle of beast Is taking me home I’m cuddling close To blankets and sheets But you’re not alone, and you’re not discreet Make sure I know who’s taking you home. I’m reading your note over again There’s not […]