If He Tries Anything

I’m invincibleso are youwe do all the thingsthey say we can’t dowe walk aroundin the middle of the nightand if it’s too far to walkwe just hitch a ride we got rings of dirtaround our neckswe talk like auctioneersand we bounce like checkswe smell like shitstill, when we walk down the streetall the boys line […]

How Have You Been

you could always hear the rub squeakingof those two tree limbs’til one day one of them came downtaken down by the windbut on the one that’s still thereyou can still see where the bark wasrubbed bareit’s a metaphor if you know what I meanhow have you been? me and youand your girlfriend makes threein the […]

Buildings And Bridges

Buildings and bridgesare made to bend in the windto withstand the world,that’s what it takesAll that steel and stoneis no match for the air, my friendwhat doesn’t bend breakswhat doesn’t bend breaks we are made to bleedand scab and heal and bleed againand turn every scar into a jokewe are made to fightand fuck and […]

Hell Yeah

life is a b movieit’s stupid and it’s strangea directionless storyand the dialouge is lamebut in the he said she saidsometimes there’s some poetryif you turn your back long enoughand let it happen naturallyoh, yeahhell yeah I got a face like a limp handshakehair like an accident sceneI’ve been waking up slowlysavoring the same old […]

Face Up And Sing

some guy tried to rub up against mein a crowded subway carsome guy tried to feed me some stupid linein some stupid barI see the same shit everydaythe landscape looks so bleakI think I’ll take the first one of you’s homethat does something unique some chick saysthank you for saying all the things I never […]