Same Old Story

You had love for meYou said that you’d give me everythingWhat’s happening?How could you lie how could you be so trifflin’What’s going on?Coz I thought that you where the only oneDon’t even waste my time, oh ho It was a shock to seeTelling me lies disgusted meYou wasn’t right for meI’ve had enough of your […]

Just Let It Go

He was the one for meHe made me feel alrightNow everything’s gone wrongWe where so tightHe ain’t the oneSo just move onIt’s time that you let it goHow can I now forget himHe’s the only one [Bridge]Don’t; don’t waste your time(Don’t you waste your time)There’s a good thing waiting for you down the line(Down the […]

Lush Life

[Chorus]Lush lifeTakes away the timeLush lifeTakes away the timeTake one step at a timeBoy I’m still in my primeI want the lush life A little base is what I wantNeed a finer place to do my thangI want no boys holding me backCoz once I get there, there’s no turning backSo don’t let this happen […]

One Touch

Mum I found a guy that I really wantI know you say i’m youngBut he don’t wanna hurt meNever has to try, special kinda guyI get these funny feelingsWhenever he’s around me One touch of loveThat was only to my dearAnd i’m never gonna let you go away now Call him what you wantCall him […]


Strange fear I ain’t felt for yearsThe boy’s coming and I’m close to tearsI can’t let go of you now I’magination’s playing round for freeIn my world I take him out for teaOh my God, can’t say no Skipping school, go walk for airI just had to get out of bedI’m on overload in my […]