Grunge Pig

I didn’t take that blow to heart You couldn’t tear our home apart You anything you wanted everything I don’t have brusies I can show Scars from abuse without a blow You anything you wanted everything You don’t owe anything to me I didn’t take that blow to heart You couldn’t tear our home apart […]

Campfire Kansas

woke up at eight, started a fire had a few drinks, we all felt inspired jumped in the stream, our shoes and canteens the water is bitter cold laid in the raft till it started moving the current just sang, the song was so soothing we stopped along the way on a beach in the […]

High As The Moon

i built an altar for you out of polaroids and pins on the wall of my room i don’t know what to do waiting for you should be a sin out of south station builds me up it’s all i can do high as the moon waiting for you to come back to my room […]

Hannah Hold On

I never asked to be sorry If its over its over for sure I don’t regret that I didn’t want to Remember what all this was for So this is all we can do What news is in store How come starting over Would be frowned on anymore Hannah hold on Hannah hold on Its […]


You’re a few years overdue.I spent them waiting here for you.Now your charity’s refused,I can name a penance for abuse. Twenty four years overdue,what kind of role model are you?Very least learn not to do,I think I might be over you. Do hope I won’t Learn to make The same mistakes, That you would Make […]