Soul Driver

Straighten your collar and smile‘Cause you’ve never been lazy‘Cause you in a styleCall the shots every day Soul DriverDon’t hurryIt’s my timingIt’s not your worryAnd I’m taking my timeAnd laying my rootsSince I’ve been so far away You’re such a practical manYou work so hard for your livingYou make me understandThat it’s all in the […]

Is She Coming Home

Is she coming home, I’ll leave the light on But through times and space she’ll go If she’s coming home she won’t tell me And I wonder if I should know Wonder if I should feel something Wonder if I should know But it’s dark in here Tip-toe softly do not wake herAs she sleeps […]

Profit In Peace

All the people under broken homes Don’t wanna fight no moreAll the people nursing shattered bonesDon’t wanna fight no moreBut there’s no profit in peaceSo we’ve gotta fight some more And all those who are in foreign landsDon’t wanna fight no moreAnd all those who lost their feet or handsDon’t wanna fight no moreBut there’s […]

Big Star

I don’t want to be another big star Picking at your cars Stealing at your clothes Finding out what you don’t know You don’t know I don’t want to be your big star Picking your calls; saying I don’t know I don’t want to be your suitor Lacking at your feet Trying to love the […]

No One At All

You’re a southern manYou’re a northern soulYou’re a west-enderYou got eastern soulBut you’re no-one at all You’re a rich manYou’re a poor manYou’re a this manThen you’re that manBut you’re no-one at all You’re a liarYou’re a winnerAnd expert and a beginnerBut you’re no-one at all When the wind blowsThat’s when you knowThat your nose […]