Securitron (Police State 2000)

Invade and encompass to judge and dissectWitness and persecute to serve and protectTo serve, and protect to serveTo serve, and protect to serve Watchful and aware, constrain every movement Admit the consequences, freedom’s an illusion Where is security governed through scrutiny?Your privacy denied, organized and confined!No place to hide! No place to hide! There is […]

Hi-Tech Hate

These weapons of mass destructionAround our world, threat to us all!Operated by fears, cold over yearsSystematic death, terminal breath!Leaders of our time just stand behindAn arsenal to end us all! Fighting a war, we can’t ignore Destined to fall, cowards to all!… We are losing, weapons controllingThis is the hour of your reckoningThese weapons of […]

Edge Crusher

Conceived in a hell beyond your depth of perceptionChaotic case of conquering dominationPsychopath snaps fired chains of imprisonmentA bludgeoning force that’s undermining the government Inflict strain upon the structureCollapsing below my pressureInflict strain upon the structureCollapsing below my pressure Break of the Edgecrusher… The purist, non-conformist, jaded subhuman terrorist From flesh to steel and blood […]


Fear me not but fear my hellMan made me so I could killPraise me in the name of warI destroy both rich and poor I am the way, prepare for salvationI am the way, prepare for salvation Strength in time of suffering Man alone is a weaklingAscension is what you askI will be the fall […]

Freedom Or Fire

How can you accept social suppressionThis weak state of mind in our timeI demand release from hypocrisyI’d rather die than be held down, forced down Freedom or fireFreedom or fire I’m on the threshold of revolutionI’d rather burn than be held down, forced down Freedom or fireFreedom or fire Unrestrained determinationSet ablaze for liberation Locked […]