Bitch Please

[Xzibit]Yeah.. time to bring yo’ ass to the table y’allIt’s X to the Z Xzibit, yeah (Where you at?)Snoop double-D, uh, O.G. (West coast, Los Angeles)What, bringin it live, with Dr. Dre, what?{*Xzibit makes the "Ghetto Bird" sound*}Throwin up a BIG-ASS W, coverin up the world right?YEAHHH! Hah, listen look You ain’t tryin to hot […]

Gangsta Ride

Chorus: Snoop Dogg *singing* (2X) It’s a gangsta gangsta rideOn the nutty danger sideAs we ride, dip and slippinTake your mind, on a high [Silkk the Shocker]Yo yo, from that DPG nigga to the CP3Back to the house, East to the WestNow take it BACK to the SouthYou know.. how I switch my flowIf I’m […]

Buss’n Rocks

Another smoke session up in this motherfuckerBlaze some shit up for me QYea, wussup Dogg, this is whut I’m talkin boutSome of that gangsta shit (Eastside)Shuttin these niggas up (Shut em up shut em up dogg)Westcoast nigga, Quik and Snoop Dogg (Forever)9-9 nigga When I wake up in the morning and I get up out […]

In Love With a Thug

[Snoop Dogg]Yeah, this shit right here sound like a love song(she was in love)A gangsta love song, you feel me? Check it out(she was in love, with a THUG, in love!)(she was in love, with a THUG, in love!) Yeah, gangsta, uh-huh!Have you ever had a pretty, young sadittyBlack female with chips, from the city?Her […]

G Bedtime Stories

(Uncle Snoop Dogg.) Yo’ whassup, whassup. (Could you read us a bedtime story?) Alright, alright. Ya’ll get my ash tray, get my lighter. I’m a read ya’ll a gangsta bedtime story. Come here, sit on my lap. (Okay.)Check it out. Great scotts, it’s hot todayHe ran up out of bullets so I shot him in […]