hey baby why’d you turn away i was about to saysomething baby i thought would make you smileat least for a little while oh well baby that’s theway it goes right from my head to my toes andyou’re the first to know that i’ve got a brilliantplan i hope you understand i want to meet […]

Horses In The City

they walk the horses home at night right by mywindow they pull their carriages along busy citystreets it’s from another time it’s like a lullaby but idon’t think that i can sleep tonight so i count thestreetlights i count the stars i make a wish andwonder where you are i wonder if i’ll live longenough […]

Got Me Down

and this is the way it’s going to be i gave himaway and now i’m free but he was the life imeant to lead there’s nothing left of me but thisis my melody and why must the night crawl bylike this and why do we dwell on what we’ll missi’ve got to be careful what […]

New Year's Eve

normally i’d be french-twisting my hair andselecting the right earrings to wear it’s a specialevening for most normally i’d be proposing atoast but not this year because i’m here theparty’s all around me you’re there indifferencehas found me i know it’s not in fashion wearingheartache on your sleeve but i’m here andyou’re there so who […]

Number One Camera

number one camera so here i go i know this feelingawfully well i could build a camera custom madeto tape record the smell of the perfume that weused to share until you spilled it on the floor whatmore could anybody ask for i remember you inpolaroid the glitter and the glue and all that noise […]