Pass You By

She was like nothing I’d ever knownHer eyes shine like diamonds in a field of snowMan. that destiny led her to meMade her feel that life was now complete A thousand days have passedAnd nights gone byYou can see the glow slowly fading from her eyesThough she denies her pain and her dismayKnow I said […]

I Finally Know

I’ve been searchin’ For the girl of my dreamsThe one who’ll give all of her love to meYou’ve been there as a friend indeedSomeone that I could dependThrough thick and thinMy strength when I wanted to give in You’re special to meMade it easy when I felt lonelyIf I only knew then what I know […]


Here I am again, wondering if you’re okayCan’t stop this troubled heartCuz we’re apart, miles awayPhone pressed up to my earWish you were here, holding meA face to go with your sweet voice Will bring me joy, totally I know I can’t be thereBut baby it’s alrightI’ll be waiting for you, tonightI pray that you’ll […]