Bounce, Shake, Move, Swing

BounceAll, all I wanna do is see your body moveI know you want it tooSo what you gotta doCan you smell the bassTaste a little snareThe look upon your faces shows me that you’re going thereSteppin’ at your bestClubbin’ all night longThe sweat rolls down your chestAs you dance to the song You want it, […]

Never Go Away

[Intro]Come here babyLet me talk to youI’ve been watching youAnd you look so, so good tonightWords just can’t expressThe way that you’re makin’ me feelI’m just captured by your loveAnd your sensualityLet me explain There you are, standing thereMake me wanna reach out and touch youAnd run my fingers through your hairI know you gotta […]

Good Guy

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh ohh I don’t understand your thinkingI thought we were happy, guess I was mistakenGave you all my love and my attentionSay you don’t want meCuz something is missingGave you all you wanted and you know it’s trueAll that I was doin’ meant nothing to youAnd if I told you […]

Thank U In Advance

(Excuse me, I know we just metBut may I have this dance?)0 Sitting here with a drink in my handYour presence I can’t ignoreI must admit I like watching you danceBut it seems like I’ve seen this beforeGirl, you look like my first wifeThough I’ve never been married beforeSo I kiss your hand and tell […]

Know What You Want

I know that your heart has been so heavy babyTryin’ to find peace of mindThinkin’ ’bout him all the timeYou gotta clear those guilty feelings ladyGave him everything you hadThat’s no cause for feeling bad Girl, I know youYou’re too strong toLet a man who don’t understand Turn it ’round on youSo don’t take all […]