Ooh Aah

Hey baby.I know you want me.Whether it’s wrong or right.I wanna be with you tonight.So get your things and let’s go.Let’s get outta here. How you doing baby?You looking good.And if you could stay with me.Oh girl.I know you would.Yeah.I haven’t seen you.In a long time.But the love you gave to me.Is constantly on my […]

My First Love

Silhouette, of a perfect frame,Shadows of your smile, will always remain (Will always remain).Beginners love, soon fades away (Oh Baby)We go on…I Will long as… (Long as I live)Long as I live, you will be my, (my first love).Oh baby you and only you.(Long as I live)Long as I live (my first love) you will […]


I want you to be happy in love with meI want you to feel that my love is realI want you to know that if you love meI will never let you go(Let you go, never gonna let you go) I want you to be happy in love with meI want you to feel that […]

Let’s Make A Deal

Oh I, oh I, oh I, oh I… If I didn’t have a dimeTell me would you spend the timeAll I hear is buy me thingsBaby girl what’s on your mind?You say money isn’t a thing to youBut all that shopping you doI can’t keep a dime in the safeI’m not try-na pull your weightLet’s […]

I Wanna Know

La da da da…Ohh Ohhhh!I want you baby. Tell me…I wanna know if you want me baby (baby)Tell me, babeTell me (girl)…Do you feel the need for love(Come closer babe) Everynight I just dream, about you,I try to hold myself together,But there’s so much that I,I wanna do.Being with you everydayIs so beautiful,That’s why I […]