Electric broadcastThe new transmission wavesTurn the dialTransistor radioThe deadpan voice I want to hearRecieve the newsRecieve the tunesWe’ve tuned in to the ether melodyIt’s bright and clear and full of energyMusic won’t stopElectro popCommercial workshopI want your time, I need your time to make a rhyme On the radio nowEther melody newsFor you and me […]


Look up hereLook down thereI am the new manI’m tangled in wiresChipset adeptMemory loadKeep your vogue code that all haveTomorrow’s world we’ve all seenKeep your modern waysAnd keep your bugsThe Metal Man is here to stay Talk talkYou say I only work, all night and dayTalk talkDo say ‘Use me, I’m cheap to rent’ ComputerisedVoice […]


You act a pansy, pushoverDo live your fancy, go lowerWho is that, something says your nameYou seem chancy, moreoverThe call is mine I’m gonna get you upI’m gonna get on topThe call is mine On the skew, you’re dancing all overYou are the anti-fashion statementIn a blue suit, orange pulloverYou look like my old dog […]

City Of Light

High-rise buildingsLow cost apartmentsFinancial districtIndustrial areaRows of blue collarsSteelworkers’ clink-clangMetal rhythm left and rightThis is the city, city of light FlickerClick onClick offClick onThe faceless menThe machines of the city 6 p.m. whistleNext the inner citySmiling grimey facesTea at the local pubLow-cut dressesHigh-spirited workersSizzling neon-lights, click onThis is the city, city of light FlickerClick onClick […]


I synthesise and press a lighted keyTurn it on, compose a melodyRedo from start, I need more rhythm1 and 4 was for the CommodoreA catchy beat, I put it on repeatI program more, but still it’s incompleteStart and stop, where’s the perfect pitch?I won’t give up until I tap my feet. I’m gonna make a […]