Paradise (Not For Me)

I can’t rememberWhen I was youngI can’t explainIf it was wrongMy life goes onBut not the sameInto your eyesMy face remains [I’ve been so high]I’ve been so down[Up to the skies]Down to the ground I was so blindI could not seeYour paradiseIs not for me Autour de moiJe ne vois pasQui sont des angesSurement pas […]


Selling outIs not my thingWalk awayI won’t be broken againI’m notI’m not what you think Dream away your lifeSomeone else’s dreamNothing equals nothing Letting goIs not my thingWalk awayWon’t let it happen againI’m notI’m not very smart Why should I feel sadFor what I never hadNothing equals nothing Chorus: Turn to stoneLose my faithI’ll be […]

Candy Perfume Girl

Young velvet porcelain boyDevour me when you’re with meBlue wish window seasSpeak delicious fires I’m your candy perfume girlYour candy perfume girl Moist warm desireFly to me I’m your candy perfume girlYour candy perfume girlI’m your candy perfume girlCandy, candy Rush me ghost you seeEvery center my homeFever steam girlThrob the oceans Your candy perfume […]

Nothing Really Matters

When I was very youngNothing really mattered to meBut making myself happyI was the only one Now that I am grownEverything’s changedI’ll never be the sameBecause of you Chorus: Nothing really mattersLove is all we needEverything I give youAll comes back to me Looking at my lifeIt’s very clear to meI lived so selfishlyI was […]

Impressive Instant

Universe is full of starsNothing out there looks the sameYou’re the one that I’ve been waiting forI don’t even know your name I’m in a tranceI’m in a trance Cosmic systems intertwineAstral bodies drip like wineAll of nature ebbs and flowsComets shoot across the skyCan’t explain the reasons whyThis is how creation goes I don’t […]