Putting Down

Held a bird’s egg between her breaststhere’s reasons for the road, I guessto document the indigenous,to paint and sketchpaint and sketchI’m starting to fail to be impressed. United state of ricochetfrom the boardwalk to the Appian waythe diamond files, the corporate ravesyou’d practically killnot to be afraidand I’m staring to chokeon the things I say […]

As I Wind Down The Pines

As I wind down the pinesit’s the lines on your faceplaying on your face. Without thinking so muchas abandoning thoughtI went through open countryover water meadow streamslakes and wires and roosts in reedsto a nest in the hole ofthis deadtree. To play without stopping or pausenot for silence not for applausenot without thinkingand thinking’s abandoning […]


Sharks don’t attack the Irish,it’s mostly Australians.There’s nothing accomplishedby these splashing citizens.from the Moon down to the surfaceof the Mariana’s Trench.I won’t send you in a cab whenI can take you there myself and steal a lookover your shoulder atthe distant lights of your firmament. When the sharks finished the Irishand those people from Berlin.We […]

Lake Fever

We can take a bit of a breather.We can skip to the practical part.We can skip to the Time of Neither,when we’re together and evenwhen we’re apart.I’ll tell you a story about the Lake Fever orwe can skip to the coital fury.You didn’t say yes or no, neither.You whispered, hurry. We can take it a […]

Freak Turbulence

You’re older, you’re hauntedyou’re ahead of your time.In corners of acres of blocks ofstraight lines.Blurringly, hourly we cross somegreat dividessome heritage moments and somemelodious minds…a voice above the engine and thejet stream combined‘it’s time..sir…The time sir…Do you have the time?’As the moon groomed the airplane in abenevolent wayAgain with the myth that’s neither here,neither there.Again […]