Soopaman Luva 3

Look, up in the sky (SOOP-soop…)It’s a bird (SOOP-soop…)IT’S A PLANE!! (SOOP-soop…)Nah motherfuckers (SOOP-soop…)Hahaha Verse One: I was, flyin through the motherfuckin skyWith my blunt full of lye, boom-ba-zee on fiveCode name beez the Soopa-Man cock my LugerBlast on state trooper, I’m on the run GI’ve got these hoes spreaded, from Japanese to diabeticsToes stay […]

Iz He 4 Real

yah word upHooooaa, haha haaaaaa ("Iz he for real he can’t be" — Rock, Leflah Leflour Eshkoshkah) yah word upHaha, hooooaa haaaaaa ("Iz he for real he can’t be") yah word upHoooooaa, iz he 4 real haaaaaa ("Iz he for real he can’t be")Haha, unbeknown, unbelievedHoooooaa, haha haaaaaa ("Iz he for real he can’t be") […]


[LL Cool J]Ayo this is the infinite, intelligent, extravagant and eloquentThat shit y’all talkin is irrelevantI put it down from the gutter to the tenementIt’s LL Cool J nigga, everything I do is excellentAnd I got to represent, Q-Boro, the thoroughY’knawmean? We get down, we get down babyCheck this shit out right here, uh E […]

Rock Da Spot

(W.. F.. D.. S..) Aiyyo, aiyyo check this out manHah, aiyyo hah-hahAiyyo aiyyo, hah-hahNahnah, aiyyo, aiyyoDamnI’m the bomb, ringin off all types alarmsMy palms, be swift with the pen like Lynn Swann’sAggravated assault, against an MCBeat him down with the mic and all types of pedigreesIt’s mad real in Da Bricks, plus I roll thickYou […]

On Fire

("Them bitches swear they fly…") HahhaNow everytime I grab the mic I always start shit upSharper than your double-edger, watch me cough shit upLive and direct, respect it to the underground connectPah!! I’m wreckin any MC you selectYo E, load me in your gun, light the flaresGive me forty-eight bars, and I go out like […]