These are the darkest clouds To have surrounded meNow I find my self alone caught in a cageThere’s no flower to be found in hereNot witheringOr pale to meEveryone with a friendly face Seems to hide some secret inside He told me he loved meWhile he laughed in my faceHe just led me astrayHe took […]

Mother Earth

Birds and butterfliesRivers and mountains she createsBut you’ll never know The next move she’ll makeYou can tryBut it is useless to ask whyCannot control herShe goes her own way She rules until the end of timeShe gives and she takesShe rules until the end of timeShe goes her own way With every breathAnd all the […]

Ice Queen

When leaves have fallenAnd skies turned into grey.The night keeps on closing in on the dayA nightingale sings his song of farewellYou better hide for her freezing hell On cold wings she’s comingYou better keep movingFor warmth, you’ll be longingCome on just feel itDon’t you see it?You better believe it. When she embraces Your heart […]

Deceiver Of Fools

He told the tale so many times About the dream not meant to beIn a world of the freeHe plays with your mind As faith for the future faded fastHe grows strong with their displeasureIt sets him free Deceiver of heartsDeceiver of foolsHe rules with fearDeceiver of heartsDeceiver of foolsHe rules again He feeds on […]