Born A Man

When I was just a little boy , when I didn’t know My daddy put me n his knee and showed me the way to go He said " a woman will do her best to make a fool out of you So be a man and stand the test and see what you can […]

I Don’t Know Why I Bother With Myself

I’m a fool , I’ve taken no advice And I’m so cruel , I’m talkin’ to you nice But then again you may not take me back Oh just to put my hat back on your rack Guess I don’t know why I bother with myself You will find a part of me in someone […]

Big Chance

People in their pride believe it’s easier for them to leave their problems in the arms of others , running to their mothers Lasting love is such a funny thing When you’re in love you’re on the wings You’re not in love, it’s good for you ’cause you can do the things you want to […]

How Many Birds

I was so lonely without you baby, don’t know what I’m gonna do I’m goin’ crazy without you baby, look at what I’m goin’ through How many times must I tell you I love Tell you I love you times before Don’t believe that I’m worth all your kisses I’m worth more then this , […]

Second Hand People

See the cracks upon the wall We do not know the meaning of it all Ain’t no fire to warm my feet Ain’t got a nickel for a bit to ear We’re not workin’, we’re not slavin’ Ain’t worth a brain, ’cause we’re not worth savin’ Second hand people, tall as a steeple Softer then […]