Dangerous Mouths

[Missy]Uhh, 3000 baby, uh huh, ooh, raunchy, raunchy [Redman]Good riddance, to niggas and bitches bullshittinI house MC’s like baths and full kitchens, ready or notDoc,hood lynchin, icey flows, I wrtie with wool mittensIts two not one, Missy dot dot com, come once in the blue like free hot lunchSo once its on, turn it up, […]


Verse One: Close your eyesVisualizeSpace and I verbalizeYou chastizeBut can’t stop my enterprisePut your rhymes in a linePut your raps in a stackI’ll break you and your singer like JingaI mean umI spit like kneeOn you this tight thingSpace nine enfernoOne verbs be frighteningAnd for the sword fights tonightMy entourage is in camoflaugeRemove your maskLet […]

Dog in Heat

[Missy]Gimme that funk, mmm..Funk, mmm.. yo gimme thatFunk.. sho’ nuff thatFunk.. [Redman]Yo, yoBeware of the dogs, off the chainFuck your whips at the club we piss in the parkin lanesBlow it up ten frames so you see it wideIf your broad ain’t fuckin she don’t need to ride (beat it)She can crawl in the trunk […]

Beat Biters

[Missy]She’s ah……uh uh….bitchYo…I’ma tell yall straight up and downIt’s like this for real, it’s goin’ down like this forealShe’s ah….bitch (tell ’em)I’m sick of yall fake Timbaland beat bitin’, you know what I’m sayin’I’ma bring it to yall like this By all means necessaryYou might catch me somewhere stickin’ yo baby daddyThey say oh "Missy […]

Old School Joint

Flip da beatOh yeah I’m feelin this oneYou remember back in the old school daysYou used to have joints like thisand you’d be up in the club dancin like your moms and your popsHehe, I know y’all know what I’m talkin aboutSo we gon’ flip it like this, ooh, ooh [Verse 1]Before you take me […]