Do You Believe In Loneliness

I used to tryTo set asideSome Time for being lonely So many times I prayed to findSomeone like you to hold me All I know is that when I think of youI’m not aloneI just simply close me eyesAnd sing my songAnd I am homeLoving where I belong [Chrous:]Do you believe in lonelinessI do now […]

Give Me A Reason

I should have told youI should have found a wayI should have worked a little harder just to show you love If I’d have givenA little more of my timeMaybe I could have saved the best thing that I ever had Now I am faced with lonely nightsAnd I can’t bear to live my lifeKnowing […]

Te Tengo Aqui

[Chorus:]Puedo estar con otra mujer to sey por el mundo todo recorrerPara que buscar si te tengo aquiTodo mi dinero puedo malgastarConocer mujeres que me quieren amarPara buscar si te tengo aqui [Verse 1:]Nena cuando a ti te piensoMas que in pensamiento es puro amorLa forma que tienes de amarmeMe hace sonreir el corazonHace tiempo […]

I Wanna Be Free

All my lifeI’ve followed signsOn many a road Tried to findWhat was rightAnd do what I’m told But sometimesYou cross the lineAnd never can go back home I’ve been hereAnd I’ve been thereAlways on the go Looking forSomething moreTo call my own Up to nowI have foundThat life as a whole was cold ‘Cause I’ve […]

Love Won't Get Any Better

[Verse 1:]Look what you do to meOh girl, I must admit that this is new to me.And I never thought that love could vome so easily.‘Til you opened up my eyes to how it’s supposed to be. I’d never known love to be so pure and gentle.In all I’ve seen love was quite this simple.It […]