I Reach For You

Baby loveSometimes it’s hard for me to tell you what I’m thinking ofSo I try to find a way that I can show you loveWhat you mean to me It’s not enough to give you everything that you were ever dreaming ofI could never find a way that I could pay you loveFor all the […]

I've Got You

Baby when I think about youI don’t need to think ’cause I just knowThat baby it’s the way you love meThat makes me so damn sure that your the one Don’t you know that I’ve waited for youYou are everything I’ve wanted all my lifeNever thought I would find what I need‘Til you came along […]

I Need You

From the day that I met you girlI knew that your love would beEverything that I ever wanted in my lifeFrom the moment you spoke my nameI new everything had changedBecause of you I felt my life would be complete [Refrain]Oh baby I need youFor the rest of my life girl I need youTo make […]

Don't Tell Me It's Love

We’ve been over this beforeAnd I’m sensing you want moreI don’t need someone who complicates me And it’s not that I don’t careBut there’s some things I can’t shareGirl, I told you I’m not there Girl, the world’s been down on meI don’t need someone to own meGirl, a lover is all I needI’m the […]

She Mends Me

Look at me I’m not the man I used to beWhen she smiles at meI live the light I used to see There she goes and i knowOn my ownI’m not whole Can’t believeShe can’t seeThat she’s taken the best part of me [Chorus:]I’m half a man with half a heartWith naothing left to tear […]