By Starlight

y starlight i’ll kiss youand promise to be your one and onlyi’ll make you feel happyand leave you to be lost in mineand where will we go, what will we do?soon said i, will knowdead eyes, are you just like me?cause her eyes were as vacant as the seasdead eyes, are you just like me?and […]

Here is no why

the useless drag of another daythe endless drags of a death rock boymascara sure and lipstick lostglitter burned by restless thoughtsof being forgottenand in your sad machinesyou’ll forever staydesperate and displeased-with whoever you areand you’re a starsomewhere-he pulls his hair down-over a frowning smilea hidden diamond you cannot finda secret star that cannot shine over […]


ain’t it funny how we pretend we’re still a childsoftly stolen under our blanket skiesand rescue me from me, and all that i believei won’t deny the paini won’t deny the changeand shoul i fall from grace here with youwill you leave me too? carve out your heart for keeps in an old oak treeand […]

Take Me Down

take me down, to the undergroundwon’t you take me down, to the undergroundwhy oh why, there is no lightand if i can’t sleep, can you hold my lifeand all i see is youtake my hand, i lost where i beganin my heart i know all of my faultswill you help me understandand i believe in […]


eautiful, you’re beautiful, as beautiful as the sunwonderful, you’re wonderful, as wonderful as they comeand i can’t help but feel attachedto the feelings i can’t even matchwith my face pressed up to the glass, wanting youbeautiful, you’re beautiful, as beautiful as the skywonderful, it’s wonderful, to know that you’re just like Iand i’m sure you […]