Coma White

There’s something cold and blankBehind her smileShe’s standing on an overpassIn her miracle mileCause you were from a perfect worldA world thatThrew me away todayToday (x2)To run awayA pill to make you numb, a pill to make you dumb, a pill to make youAnybody else but all the drugs in this worldWon’t save her from […]

I Want To Disappear

Look at me now, I got no religion, look at me nowI’m so vacant, look at me nowI was a virgin, look at me nowGrew up to be a whoreAnd I want itI believe itI’m a million different thingsNot one you knowHeyAnd our mommies are lost now, hey, daddy’s someone elseHeyAnd we love the abuse […]

New Model No. 15

I’m as fake as a wedding cake and I’m vague and I know that I’m homopolitanPitifully predictableCorrectly political I’m the new, I’m the new, new modelI got nothing inside, better in the head and in bed at the officeI can suck it and smile(x2) NewNewNew model (x2) I can choke and diet on coke and […]


I can tell you what they say in spaceThat our earth is too greyBut when the spirit is so digitalThe body acts this wayThat world was killing meWorld was killing meDisassociativeThe nervous system’s down, the nervous system’s down I know (x2) (x2) I can never get out of hereI don’t wanna just float in fearDead […]

Mechanical Animals

We were neurophobic and perfectThe day that we lost our soulsMaybe we weren’t so humanButIf we cryWe will rust and I was a hand grenade thatNever stopped explodingYou were automaticAnd as hollow as the "o" in God, INever gonna be the oneFor youINever gonna save the worldFrom youThey’ll never beGood to youBad to you, they’ll […]