I Don’t Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)

I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like meI don’t like the drugs, the drugs, the drugsNorm life baby, we’re white and oh so hetero and our sex is missionaryNorm life baby, we’re quitters and we’re sober, our confessions will beTelevised You and I’re underdosed and we’re ready to fallRaised to be stupidTaught to […]

Fundamentally Loathsome

And I wanna wake upIn your white, white sunAnd I wanna wake up in your world with no painBut I’ll just suffer in a hope to die somedayWhile you are numb all of the wayWhen I hate itI know I can feelBut when you love you know it’s not real, noWhen I hate itI know […]

Rock Is Dead

All simple monkeys with alien babies,amphetamines for boys and crucifixes for ladies,sampled and soulless, worldwide and real webbed,sell all the living for more safer dead, anything to be lovedAnything to be loved, rockIs deader than dead, shockIs all in your head, your sex and your dopeIs all that we’re fed so fuck all your protests […]

Great Big White World

In spaceThe starsAre no nearerJust glittersLike a morgueAnd I dreamed IWas a spacemanBurned like a moth in a flameAnd our world was so fucking goneBut I’m not attachedTo your worldNothing healsNothing growsAnd I’m not attachedTo your worldNothing healsNothing grows(Grows) Cause it’s a great big white worldAnd we are drained of our colorsWe used to love […]

Post Human

She’s got eyes like Zapruder, a mouth like heroinShe wants me to be perfect like KennedyThis isn’t God, this isn’t God, this isn’t God, this isn’t GodGod is just a statisticGod is just a statistic, say show me the dead stars, all of them sing(Hey, hey, hey)This is a riot religious and clean(Hey, hey, hey) […]