Put Me On

Yo loon, looncome here for a secondI wanna holla at yawhats upyo, you know that girlyou was with the other dayyea, she got a man?maybe, why?I’m tryna get her to hollaput me down Yesterday, I was playin ball around my waywhen I saw you with a girl, that I never seen beforeand girl, I gotta […]

Chick With The Braids

The girls so bad, you’d be like howfiner than my ex, and the girl i’ve got now5 foot frame, shorty keeps it tightand if you wit your girl, best be lookin for a fightcuz a brotha’s gonna stop and starereprecautions man you wont careand one look is never enoughshe be walkin and be talkin with […]


oo, oo, oo, oo,Now That you’ve come front, I wanna thank your momsfor bringin’ u into this life, and makin u my typedont (dont) hold (hold) this (this) against me but I cant help but stare, why u over there want u right here, c’mon yeah C’mon baby baby c’monC’mon baby baby c’mon (oh baby […]

Holla Back

Shorty you’ve got to be bout 17Sporting your daddy truck on 23sYou are the finest girl I’ve ever seenAnd I wanna be in your worldI gotta be I gotta be Can you spend a little time with meCan we kick a little fantasyCan you tell meYou with this game I’m playin baby Baby girl if […]

Girl In The Picture

[Chorus:]Think I love the girl in the picture She’s a fantasy someone that I need to seeMake a realityGot me all outta controlWho do I gotta beTo make cutie wanna be wit beI know that I need herGo out my way and I’ll do anything to meet herMake her mine somedayBody got me in a […]