Girl u wanna know what’s up I can truly say that I love u And we know that love is not puffed up So there are things in love that u’ll never do I would never jump off a building and survive And if that building were burning I would never leave you inside I […]

2 Train

(This is the Uptown 2 Train, 42nd Street Next)(Watch the closing doors) Theres a baby girlThat I knowAnd shes so fineI meet her everydayAfter schoolWalk her to the trainIts been some timeCause what her papa dont knowWon’t hurt meMama thinks that I’m a cutieShe can’t date till her sweet sixteenBut we just tryna do out […]

Could U Be

Lisa had me thinkin that she was the only one for me And Nikki had those angel eyes that changed my mind the day she looked at me Then outta nowhere you came walking in my life you really blew my mind Now I don’t care about those other girls it’s only u I need […]

Just A Friend

I wanna know your name and I wanna know if u gotta man (I wanna know)I wanna know everythingI wanna know ya number and if I can come over andI wanna know what u likeI wanna know so i can do it all nightBut you’re telling me I’m just a friendYou’re telling me I’m just […]

Braid My Hair

When you look at me, i know you seea 15 year old, gettin his doughback and fourth to the studioshoppin outta limosines, rockin the latest jeansjordans, fresh, t-shirt, newand even though these things are trueits hard work and sometimes i just wanna go home and…tell my girl to braid my hair… [chorus]C’mon and braid my […]