In Motion # 2

I see him turn awayAlthough my eyes are shut with emptinessAnd again the rain falls downTogether with me This blood in my body runs for youDrink my tears as I cry My heart and my mind crave for youDrink my tears as I cry It is sad how the rain falls down I see you […]

Sand And Mercury

Dear, don’t leave me nowClose at the edge of my endAll this time you have been my friendDon’t go, stay for a while My dear, you’re losing me nowThis will be my last hourHear my voice, see my faceSee how sick I amHow I long for your embrace

Strange Machines

It has always been in the back of my mindDreaming about going to the corners of timeI always wanted to fly in strange machines I wanna do centuries in a lifetimeAnd feel it with my handsTouch the World War II and CleopatraFlying… Could it be that my dream would come trueBuilding a machine that would […]


I close your eyes with my mouthNow you don’t see anythingBut you feel my breath all overI can feel you too Although I don’t really know youI don’t really care Cry with me, make my dayTomorrow all will be goneAll the sweetness and all the funNo, I don’t wanna know… Although I don’t really know […]