[George Clinton]This is the story.. of pro-zen-xanthrapusPro-zen-ganthrapus..Funky monkey.. nasty monkey.. gangster monkey.. [Redman]Yo yo, yo, yo.. watch out!! I run New JerzGot blood on my wifebeater undershirt (look)Hand to hand you bout half a gramI’m a truckload, backin in, under dirt!Lock on target, your walletYour chains I left stains up, gorilla paw printsSharp in garments, […]

Doggz II

[Throughout the song in the background]["Doggz" – George Clinton Sample] [Redman]Yo, [Barks] YeahYeah, yo, yo ["Where my dogs at" – DMX sample (throughout Redman talking)] [Verse 1]Who them niggasWho will roll up to your front door hand on the pump (Doggz nigga)Kick down the door, and pull out the four, and lay niggas down for […]

Lick A Shot

Smokin! (Okay!)[monkey sounds:] oooh oooh ahh ahh ahhHere we go.. smokin! (Okay!)[more muted monkey sounds] [Redman]Yo, yo.. jungle habitat, peep the wildlife in the openOff the hook, nigga dial twice if it’s brokenDoc, wall to wall with a mic and I’m loc’n, shitYou might find termites in the chokin(?), yesD.O., my wood grain say, "Fuck […]

Diggy Doc

It’s the Diggy Diggy Doc y’all, pumpin it yes y’allD.O.C. on the system, we kick it fresh y’allLettin the bass thump on and strong and hard for PPPEngineerin the cut is E Double E Yo, it’s the Diggy Diggy Doc y’all! ..Yo, yo yo, when I hear a "BASS" This goes out to my niggaz […]


Yo, this for all my live motherfuckers!(Motherfuckers) YO! .. What the deal muh-fucka? Chill muh-fuckaLP bangs all in your hood muh-fuckaMy niggaz smack niggaz like Suge muh-fuckaLater on, reminisce it like wood muh-fuckaYou muh-fuckers try to block a thorough muh-fuckaHard shell chicken Taco Bell muh-fuckaFuck you models, you too frail muh-fucka (get outta here!)I took […]