Baby As You Turn Away

Here am I one sad and lonely guy, one shadow of the man I used to be. Now it’s past, the love I thought would last; you thought I had you chained,and now you’re free. I know it’s wrong but I’m still holding on, still praying you will soon come back to me. But then […]


Go on with your song, bird — you can’t go wrong birdYou will go on and on, bird, like you did beforeThough your wings are broken the sky is so wide openAnd the wind is waiting for you like an open door Though you go so far away, your voice will still be heard so […]

Edge of the Universe

Just my dog and Iat the edge of the universe.Well, I didn’t wanna bring her and I know it’ll make her worse. Now I look out on foreverand it must be nice down there.And they call me Shenandora in the air. Well, I’m ten feet tall, but I’m only three feet wide.And I live inside […]

Country Lanes

So warm is my morning sun, red is my rainbowSoft is the cool summer breeze when I saw your faceI saw the light in your eyes so dark and demandingLike a light in the storm Whenever I cry my friendYou’re always away and so I pretendIf I could live the dreams that I seeLong live […]

Come On Over

If my life gets like a jig sawwith the pieces out of place,come on over,put a smile back on my face. And if all my bad days came at onceyou would know just what to do.Come on over; baby, you will see me through. And if you think I need you, come on over.Bring your […]