Glass and the Ghost Children

To the center of the earthOr anywhere god decidesFor the fever pulling forthWe hear our call is all And to the center of the earthAs if written inAnd DNA is regenomedTo your frequency I want to liveAnd don’t want to dieI want to liveI want to try All in prayerPrayer ends allAll are scaredScared of […]

Age of Innocence

We dismissThe backroadsAnd ride these streetsUnafraidResort toScraping painFrom our bonesUnashamed No more the eye upon youNo more the simple bane Desolation yesHesitation noDesolation yesHesitation noAs you might have guessedAll is never shownDesolation yesHesitation no And in my prayerI dream aloneA silent speachTo deaf earsIf you want be loveYou must be loveBut if bleed loveYou will […]