50 Candles

[Intro:]It’s gettin’ kinda dark already, should I light ‘um? Hey baby I’m ready, I’m oh so readyI wanna make love to you, heyTake ’em off, throw ’em downCome here and let me feel what’s in front of meThe outside world is of no concernJust let our bodies and the candles in the room burnWith feverish […]

(It’s Hard) Letting You Go

It ain’t no fun lying down to sleepAnd there ain’t no secrets left for me to keepI wish the stars up in the sky would all just call in sickAnd the clouds would take the moon out on some one-way trip I drove all night down streets that wouldn’t bendBut somehow they drove me back […]

32 Flavors

squint your eyes and look closerI’m not between you and your ambitionI am a poster girl with no posterI am thirty-two flavors and then someand I’m beyond your peripheral visionso you might want to turn your headcause someday you’re going to get hungryand eat most of the words you just said both my parents taught […]