Dog Shit

*dogs barking* [Ol Dirty Bastard]All y’all bitches put your naps togetherAnd all you niggaz put your dicks together, bitch (Ol Dirty starts singing)Hoeeeee! Yah ha hehDe, hayyyy! Ah ha he hayDe, haaaaa! Errr hah hahhhrHaaaaaaaah He hawww, heahh She flew in like calm breezeTall brown skin her weave like palm treesI went coconutsDipped my Dunkin’ […]

Older Gods

Verse One: Ghostface Killah Aiyyo I roll like a bat out of hellEvil acapell’s fly spittin out of my grillBefore I hit the sky with springtime colorsJuicy as a Sunkist, certain broads double dutch thisThey carve it in they wrist, pales berry blazesStraighten the crumbs left on the stove, clothes in my lady hairPlus yours […]

For Heavens Sake

Intro: Inspectah Deck Yo, one two one two Wu, Tang, Wu, TangIt’s the Wu, creepin in the shadows Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang(Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang)"Oh baby, for heavens sake"Sir I, Excalibur"Oh baby, for heavens sake"(Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang) 2X"Oh baby, for heavens sake" Verse One: Inspectah Deck/Rebel […]

I Can't Go to Sleep

[Ghostface Killah]Technique is ill son, watch how I spill onePeace to Biggie Tupac Big L and Big PunHavoc on the streets of Staten, snitchesHouse niggaz children watch as they produce the same patternSomebody raped our women, murdered our babiesHit us with the cracks and guns in the early 80’sFOR THOSE THAT MURDERED ME SHALL STAND […]


Shoot em On Sight Sight Sight (3x)Shoot em On Sight Sight Sight [overlaps INS talking] [Inspectah Deck] Another mission, Street Life, gun talk, Sir I Don’t push me, because I’m close to the edgeLivin on this thin line, I know the ledgeAllegience I pledge strictly to my comitteeWay above the law, we soar the inner […]