* appears on the international version of the album [RZA]Yo… this song is…Aiyyo Dunn this song is called SunshowerCause we approachin the final hourYou know I ahh all I can say to my brothers and sisters right nowIs stay close to your families, and all your loved onesCause this globe is about to explode with […]

Hellz Wind Staff

(conversation continued from the end of Duck Seazon) ["The Wu-Tang Clan will rise again There are many of us, working for the good of the Wu] Tang" "Die!" *sounds of fighting are heard* Verse One: Street Life So get your egg crashed, by my Hellz Wind StaffWhile the feature broadcast is splashed to tell the […]


[RZA] Yo… check check it[Tekitha] You can never defeat[RZA] Yo check the method of this shit right here one time[Tekitha] The Gods[RZA] Sparkin your braincells to the upmost[Tekitha] I’mpossible[RZA] Unlimited epidemics bein spreaded[Tekitha] You can never defeat[RZA] You know, we try and add on for y’all niggas[Tekitha] The Gods[RZA] Yo, yo Verse One: RZA Fusion […]


[RZA]Yo, yo one two one two, yo live in effectWe got the king Ruler Zig-Zag-Zag AllahCommonly known to y’all as the RZAYo before we go into side two or side B of this double CDKnahmsayin I want to give y’all a little announcement manFor the last year there’s been a lot of music comin outthe […]

It's Yourz

[Verse One: Raekwon the Chef]Machine gun rap for all my niggaz in the backStadium packed, linebacker nigga flashbackSee through yellow linesRock a fly jersey in the summertime GodMagic marker rap, bleed BenattonRelaxed, wrote this, comin at cha crab ass copeand snatch ya ice off, chillin in the back, throw the lights offWaves, water blend, rhyme […]