All The Critics in New Yo

[Mack 10 talking]Goddamn! New York City!Skyscrapers and everything! [Ice Cube]Back in the day, we used to respect y’all niggasWe used to be down with y’all niggasAll you have for the West Coast, is criticism and disrespectSo I say to you and your cityy’all niggas will never get our respect againWestside nigga (Keeping it real)Yeah! (Keeping […]

Gangstas Make The World G

(ICE CUBE)Iam gettin dizzy as the world keeps spinnin likea frisbieGangsta’s and girls make the world twirlNo hesitation I can run a nation from incarceration30 years is what I’m facinbut give me 7 seas and 11 geesI make enough cheese to bring wall street to itskneesNigga please I got enough gunsTo fill the empire state […]

3 Time Felons

Intro, Ice Cube: What would you doIf I punked your whole crew?Would you run like a bitch from me?Niggaz don’t test Cause we come from the westYes the W-S to the CWestside!Westside niggazFuck everybody that used to be downThat ain’t down no moY’all niggaz ain’t from the best sideY’all don’t know how we puts it […]