Bow Down

(ICE CUBE)Tha world is mine nigga get backDont fuck with my stack the gage is rackedAbout to drop the bomb Iam tha motherfuckin donBig fish in a small pondNow tha feds wanna throw the book at the crookbut I shook they worm and they hookGuppies hold they breath they wanna miss mewhen Iam tipseyRunnin everything […]

King of Tha Hill

Tha Next Muthafuckaz Go By Tha Name Of Cypress Hill ( K All Day ) Ice Cube:Every Few Yearz Nigguz Think They can Deal Wit Tha Real, Now I Gotz To Fuck Cypress Hill I Got A Vocie You Can Fell, I Drink A Beer And Bust A Rap And Thatz Tha End Of Ya […]

Do You Like Criminals?

(WC)Say hoe I got way more dick than them niggas rolling your lexosNo punk ass Versace gear just the nigga with the triple 1 braids in his beardQuick to get the pussy dripping so quit tripping Like you got a nigga resembling Donnie SimpsonHoe I’m from the wild wild west fuck them preppy niggasYou need […]

Cross ‘Em Out and Put a ‘

INTRO:(ICE CUBE)Brrrgh!Ai!Ai!In about four seconds,a gangsta will begin to speak VERSE ONE:(MACK 10,ICE CUBE,WC)Well it’s the mad chickenhawk with the dirty lick styleAnd pullin 211’s ever since TAA-DOOWThere’s ten million ways to dieChoosin Mack and hit the boopin floosinOff this gang-bang musicSo all I’d wanna got the room stumpedI’m smokin,make dough like TrumpCookin ??? to […]


[Intro:][Ice Cube](Westsiiiiide!)Hoo-Bangin’ on the transformers These trick-ass niggas quick to tuck they tailBut fuck that… you know how we git… (Can’t get enough of this gangsta shit!) [Ice Cube]It’s the don go let’em knowUnwettable, ahh.. big fish incredibleHoo-Bangin’ on the white collars got a pile of dollarsStill rollin’ I’mpalasI’m bombin’ on Common SenseChicago is mine […]