Sign, read vacancyAnd in my mindHow could this beYou showed your emotions Just the previous nightNow how can i be witnessingSuch a sight I see tonightAs I walk towards the doorMy thoughts began to leakDo I wanna blow the scoreOr just relieve you with this freakBut I turned and walked awayAnd these three words began […]

Oops Oh My

[Verse 1]Tell you what I did last nightI came home, say, around a quater to threeStill so highHypnotizedIn a tranceFrom the start it, so butter and brown and tantalizingYou woulda thought I needed help from this feeling that I feltSo shook I had to catch my breath [Chorus:]Oops, there goes my shirt up over my […]

Boogie 2nite

Are you ready? Are you ready?I hope you’re readyAre you ready? Cause I am Said I’m ready to party yea Grab your coat, get your keysCause whatever you’re drinkingIt’s on meStay here if you want to, say what you want But I gots to party, needs me a partyCame here to get ya, but I […]


My eyes have never seen Someone so beautifulSo much charmSo much classYour the first thought of each daySo appealing you areYou move through meSuch a natural feelingAnd oh, please don’t take it away I can get caught upWhen I see youYou’re so beautiful I can get caught up When I see you You’re so beautiful […]

Smoking Cigarettes

Why, oh whyGave you several years of my lifeAnd it just ain’t rightWhat’s your perception of loveNow, how many times did we say it was over And how many times did we not leaveThere’s no sense in this love hangoverPlease come back to me Cuz I can’t forget your waysI still remember our first kissI’m […]