Let It Flow

First thing Monday morningI’m gonna pick my tears awayGot no cause to look backI’m lookin’ for me a better dayYou see the thing ’bout loveIs that it’s not enoughIf the only thing it brings you is pairThere comes a time when we could all make a change Just let goAnd let it flow, let it […]

He Wasn’t Man Enough

Darkchild, oh yeahToni Braxton, ohHa-ha, uh-huhYeah, uh, uhDarkchild yeah Listen girlWho do you think I am?Don’t you know that he was my man?But I chose to let him goSo why do you act like I still care about him?Looking at me like I’m hurtWhen I’m the one who said I didn’t want it to workDon’t […]

I Don’t Want To

I really don’t feel like talking on the phoneAnd I really don’t feel like company at homeLately I don’t want to do the things I used to doBaby since I lost you And I don’t want to sing another love song babeI don’t want to hum another melodyI don’t want to live my life without […]