Seven Whole Days

Seven whole daysAnd not a word from youSeven whole nightsI’m just about thruI can’t take it, won’t take itCan’t take it no moreI had about enough of you I’d rather be on my ownYes on my own Darlin’Darlin’You know if you cared anything about loveYou woulda been front and centerLovin’ me and touchin’ meHoneyHoneyYou know […]

In The Late of Night

Always thought your promise was for lifeI did not think that IWould hear you say good-byeAnd I always heard you led another lifeI doubted every timeI guess my love was blindCause in my eyesLove was always something magicalBut the feeling is so tragicalAnd all I know is in loveThe thing that I want mostI can’t […]

Talking In His Sleep

So you know everything about your loverWanna bet? My oh myHow can this be there he goesTalking in his sleepBy and byHe will connive does he knowHe’s talking in his sleep The affair okayHe’s corruptWhat do I do, what do I sayI feel ashimed, embarrassed, fatiguedSuch a petty crime of sexual indiscretion At night when […]

Love Shoulda Brought You Home

Should I even listenShould I even tryWill I just be hearing the same old linesBabySee it doesn’t matterWhat you say this timeCause our whole relationshipIs built on one lieYou say things aren’t the way they seemBut still you can’t come straight with me How can you think that you’re in loveWhen you don’t know the […]

Never Just For A Ring

Explain to me, honestly, who is sheTell me you don’t love this girlDamn it boy, why’d you go and ruin everything that I been livin’ forIs this where I’m supposed to turn my backCry a tear and walk awayBefore I do, a word to you, you should knowKnow you’ve make a big mistake Why? When? […]