I Belong to You

I wouldn’t changeA single thing about you babyYou shower my world with your love You got a way babyAbout cha babyThat lets me know thatThere’s no other man You take care of homeI was lost until I found youRefuse to live without youAs long as you are good to me I belong to youYou belong […]

Spending My Time With You

I used to date and never fall in loveJust lookin’ for an experienceSpending my time wasting it foolishlyExploring my possibilities But then one day I ran into youYou gave me feelings I never knewI’d like to spend my weekends with youAnd weekdays tooWouldn’t that be coolI think I’m fallin’ in love with you So I’ll […]

Find Me a Man

I’m just a girlThat doesn’t like the thought of being aloneI need to be lovedand held real closeI’m the kind of girlThat needs to be caressed and kissed so soft, yeahThere’s no better way to turn me onI need a manWho’s gonna treat me rightI need a man who’ll be with me every nightSo I’ve […]

Speaking In Tongues

I know that it’s over but I still reminise‘Bout the very first time that I saw youAnd the first time that we kissedI still recall the days of good old love we madeWithout taking off our clothesyou spoke a language to my body babySo universal, you and me talking babyOoh ahhh, oh my, ooh la […]

Spanish Guitar

A smoky room, a small cafeThey come to hear you playAnd drink and dance the night awayI sit out in the crowdAnd close my eyesDream you’re mineBut you don’t knowYou don’t even know that I am here I wish that I was in your armsLike that Spanish guitarAnd you would play me through the night‘Till […]