Lonely in bedAt nightAnd it never feels rightI toss and turnEach nightTill the morning lightBut just the thought of youSends chills up and down my spineJust knowing you’ll be here real soonMakes everything alright CandlelightIt makes it specialMe and youOn a rare occasionCandlelight a special nightSeeing you is a sweet sensationCandlelight Memories of youYour arm […]

Just Be A Man About It

Hey, hey hold up a minuteLet me stop up here and use this pay Phone real quickHey, hey Toni, it’s me, I was just callingYou knowJust calling to let you know, don’tWait up for me tonightI mean I just got a lotta things on myMind I gotta think about, you knowJust umm, I’ll be over […]

Fairy Tale

And if I was wrong, I know I don’t deserve thisDon’t stay too long,I need to hear those words you use to tell meFrom way back when we were just friendsBefore this love affair began Tell me how I love you winsOr how a broken heart can mendJust tell me this is not the endPlease […]

How Could an Angel Break My Heart

I heared he sang a lullabyI heared he sang it from his heartWhen I found out thought I would dieBecause that lullaby was mineI heared he sealed it with a kissHe gently kissed her cherry lipsI found that so hard to beliveBecause his kiss belonged to me How could an angel break my heartWhy didn’t […]

Another Sad Love Song

Since you been goneI been hangin’ around here latelyWith my mind messed upJumped in my car tried to clear my mindDidn’t help meI guess I’m all messed up now babySoon as I jumped into my rideThose memories start to playA song comes on the radioAnd there U are baby once again It’s just another sad […]